Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.

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To all NEW CUSTOMERS, Sports Information Traders is offering FREE PICKS. New customers will receive $100 worth of FREE Picks from our own Three Industry Sharps: Jon Price, Mike Wise, and Dave Michaels. These aren’t any basic FREE PICKS, they’re a sample of some of our quality information that’s made us among the elite sports service in terms of winning percentage over the last 6 years. Give us a chance to prove our service and EARN YOUR BUSINESS.


Meet Our Experts

SIT_Pictures1Mike Wise – Executive Director

Mr. Wise is one of the foremost experts in the genre of sports handicapping as it pertains to investments. Wise was the 2012 Vegas Handicapping Challenge Champion after posting a 71-35 record through the duration of the NBA season. With a background in financial management, Wise’s formula has made his clients among the most successful sports investors in the world.

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Jon Price – Lead Handicapper

Known by many as “Handicapper to the Stars” for his high profile client list, Jon Price is renowned around the sports world for his picks. Price has finished first in 2 of the last 3 NFL seasons for documented handicappers, including his 2013 season where he won an outstanding 68% through the Regular Season. Lead Handicapper for S.I.T. for the last 5 years, Price and his team set the standard year to year for documented handicappers.

SIT_Pictures2David Michaels – Handicapper

As Jon Price’s protégé, David Michaels quickly climbed the ranks of the sports handicapping world since hitting the professional syndicate around 2002. He has since gone on to be one of the best documented Basketball pickers in the country, for both Pro and College Hoops. David’s experience in picking out lock basketball plays are unrivaled in the industry, and is the 3rd Industry Sharp from our team at Sports Information Traders.

Brent Scott – Consultant

A former oddsmaker in Vegas, Brent teaches you the art of wagering and how to become a professional. He does not work directly with clients, instead he does seminars on to groups on various topics, like how lines are made and determining value in a play.