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NFL Predictions

nfl predictionsSports Information Traders should be your only source for NFL Predictions. The only online sports handicapping firm to have in-field scouts with every single team around the league, sets the standard in consistency each and every year with our NFL Picks.
NFL is still king among the betting public, and we treat it as such by dedicating more resources to our NFL Predictions and picks than to any other major American sport. It’s also for this reason that we’ve made more money for our clients in the NFL, than any other sport over the last 3 years (MLB, NBA, NHL , NCAAF, and NCAAB), even though there’s much fewer games over the course of an entire NFL season than compared to that of MLB or NBA.
How have we been able to make more money with less games over the years? The answer is simple… WINNING. The last two seasons alone we finished with 66% winners and 65% winners, respectively. That’s over 2% better than all other online sports handicapping services, and over 13% return on investment for most players. Not only do we win at a pace that the rest can’t keep up with, but we make our big plays count. We were 5-0 on “Double Up Plays” during the most recent, 2014-’15 NFL season. Our Double Up Plays are our absolute highest rated plays, there’s usually only a few per each season, but we advise our clients to go as strong as possible on these to take full advantage of a perceived lock situation.
Winning percentages are great, but maximizing your wins while minimizing your losses is the foundation of successful sports investing. It’s all about picking out the highest rated plays each week with the highest probability, and nobody identifies these picks like our team at Sports Information Traders. Get in and try our NFL Predictions and picks for yourself and see what makes us the king in NFL picks.