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College Football Predictions

college football predictionsCollege Football Predictions each and every week of the College Football season from some of the best football minds in the country. Our College Football department, lead by industry Sharp, Jon Price is among the industry leaders in winning College Football Predictions over the last 6 years. Finishing 1st among online documented services for the 2014 Regular Season.
Our success starts with our team of in-house and in-the-field analysts who get credit for collecting, organizing, and translating the flow of information into wins on a daily basis. We start putting in the work during summer practices to ensure that we’re ready to produce winners as soon as the regular season kicks off. And nobody produces winners through the College Football season like Sports Information Traders… Winning at a pace of 64% winners last season, not only do we win more than everyone else, but we win BIGGER than everyone else, too, as we went 10-3 on our Top College Football Selections from the 2014 season, which are our highest rated plays from each week.
As both College Football and College Basketball are two of the hardest sports in the country to handicap given that there’s over 300 teams, it takes an entire army of analysts and scouts to decipher our daily team reports into highly valuable information and winners. College sports, and especially College Football Predictions aren’t for amateurs. Put the industry Sharps and their team on your side for this College Football Season and see what a professional sports service can do for your bankroll.