Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.


NCAAF PicksWhether it’s professional or college, football is king in this country and at Sports Information Traders. We designate more resources to football than any other sport, especially in college football. Because of the extraordinary number of teams in Division I men’s collegiate football, it can be nearly impossible for the amateur handicappers with limited tools to effectively handicap and predict these NCAAF picks and games.

Our secret, along with our proprietary formula devised by our own industry Sharp, Jon Price, is our system for organizing and analyzing our NCAAF picks. Many services just focus on the big time, popular match ups, which as any seasoned handicapper can tell you is the sign of a losing picker. Vegas pays more attention to the big ticket spreads than any other. The lines of the big matchup receive so much scrutiny that there’s rarely as much value in them as there is in some of the lesser known schools and conferences.

How we differ from other services is that we pick a few smaller conferences each year to focus the majority of our resources on. We still cover the big ticket games because we know our customers do enjoy the entertainment, and there is still some value to be had in a select few of the big time games. But the majority of our money is made in some of the lesser-known conferences where Vegas pays a lot less attention to. And it’s paid off in a big way. Averaging 64% winners annually, our NCAAF picks are one of our hottest items.

We put out winners each and every week during NCAAF season, so stop missing out on easy money. Strengthen your sports investments with the help of the professionals. Join our team at Sports Information Traders and let us show you what the industry Sharps can for you and your bankroll.