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NCAA Basketball Expert Picks

ncaa basketball betting picksSports Information Traders features one of the biggest All Star lineup of basketball Sharps in the country. Our NCAA Basketball expert picks ranked towards the top of online documented services each and every year for the last 6 years. Our own basketball guru, Mike Wise leads both our professional and college basketball department, and has been at the helm to lead the charge for our great success during his tenure here.

Hitting at an average of 64% winners annually, our NCAA Basketball expert picks are among the most consistent winning picks available online. We use our proprietary system to rank and rate each game individually, and come up with a score for each. That score rating is then compared to Vegas’ line to give us our value figure. Depending on the value of an given play will determine if it’s a strong play, mediocre, or left off the board all together. Anything about a 90 rating qualifies as a “Double Up” play and clients are urge to place their absolute maximum wager on such a highly rated game.

Mike Wise has consistently had his department rank in the top 3 basketball programs for documented online services every year since joining our team in 2008. His understanding of the game and insider connections with league sources ensures that no piece of vital information goes unnoticed by our clients. We release our daily game reports which inform our clients to all of the day’s action and note worthy variables to keep an eye on for that day’s plays. We offer weekly promotional picks so be sure to sign up and try out our NCAA Basketball Expert Picks today with little or no upfront obligation to you. Get in today and start winning!