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Top Bet Sportsbook

top bet sportsbookTop Bet Sportsbook is relatively new on the scene, but has some fairly strong reviews for only being in service for a few years. While it hasn’t been around for as long as Bodog or Bovada.LV, they seem to have the makings of another a very reputable sportsbook option for online players.

Many people rave about the ease of the interface for Top Bet. It makes depositing money very easy, as well as placing bets with the click of a button. Everything is layer out in a very organized and concise way with the game’s line and odds displayed, and right next to all of them are a button you can click to place your bet. It’s that easy! They also feature a sleek mobile interface for their user who place their bets on-the-go. After clicking the bet button next to the team you want to select, it takes you to another very nicely displayed betting ticket page where you can fill out the amount of your wager and see precisely how much you stand to win.

While the odds displayed on Top Bet are somewhat on par with the standard around the online industry, they’re not quite as good as, though probably better than Bovada.LV in that aspect, which is considered one of the top rated sportsbooks.

Overall we give Top Bet a 9 out of 10, and they should be an online powerhouse for online wagering for years to come. We look for them to eventually challenge some of the top services in the sportsbook industry with the more experience they gain, and the larger their client base expands.