Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.


cappersmallCappersMall is another all in one resource for bettors and handicappers alike. Similar to, they provide everything you coudl possibly imagine as far as sports betting information. Get Super Bowl odds, March Madness information, free picks, live lines, betting advice, SuperBowl contests, special lotteries, newsletters, an online forum for members… They have everything you could think of and then some. But as with any online sports betting forum, you know what we think of people getting their picks from there…. DON’T DO It.

You don’t need to sped more than one day on any online sports betting forum to realize they are the worst pickers the world has ever seen. Yet, they all talk about how great their picks are… But they just never happen to win when you take them. They’re your typical keyboard warriors looking for a following but they can’t earn it the old fashion way of WINNING and putting out quality and consistent information. So while CappersMall is a great place to get updates, news, line movements and live score and odds updates, just like with online betting forum, it’s the last place you ever want to go looking for picks, unless you plan on flipping them.

Our team at Sports Information Traders is the real deal and a professional sports service for you to get winning picks from. Even some of our staff uses resources like or occasionally to see what the general feel is amongst the common betting public, but they should never be anything more than a reference for serious sports investors who want to win. Stop listening to the online forum handicappers who can’t produce a win to save their life. Join the real deal, our team at Sports Information Traders. Sign up today!

There are a lot of great sports betting forums online. Most of them are filled with up and coming handicappers who want to showcase how they do picking games on their own. None of them come close to the legends like Billy Walters and Jon Price who have extensive methodologies and approaches to betting on sports as a business. Please gamble at your own risk and if you need help treating and visualizing sports betting as an investment then please speak with one of our analysts for a free consultation.