Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.

Vegas Dave Picks – Dave Oancea Handicapper

2/11/2016 If you have been on Instagram and follow the Insta-famous sports handicappers on there then you probably know about “It’s Vegas Dave”. The Hawaiian born Las Vegas, Nevada native is known in the local scene for his escapades dating strippers and betting on Football & Baseball. He comes off as an extremely nice and friendly guy and is working on growing his new clothing line called “Rotate”.

The definition of his rotate clothing line is for changing up the girl in your life as seen as a common attribute in the Las Vegas club and nightlife scene. Dave recently launched his website which at first glance is still a little buggy as it takes time to load his video introducing himself on The biggest promotion is for his Major League Baseball Picks where records showing as high as 30-0 last season (note these are obviously not daily service plays since the season has over 162 games). We welcome you to check out not only our picks but all of our competition as we love healthy competition from the few other quality handicappers and touts in the industry. Dave provides his email address on the site as: as well as on his Instagram account for those who are interested in packages.

Kansas City Royals Futures Bet

After taking advice from Jon Price and learning about his wager from an insider information tip Vegas Dave placed a $100,000 futures wager on the Kansas City Royals. The pay out of $2.5 million was only beaten out by Prices wagers for the 2015 Major League Baseball season. Price choose to be reclusive and not flaunt his earnings as some other handicappers choose to do. Price being the most successful sports bettor of all time lets his results speak for his work ethic and ability to win.

At the launch of his website he is holding a contest held at the Las Vegas Hilton Sportsbook. We look forward to hearing about your experiences and reviews with any other service that you use. Best of luck to all of our Sports Information Traders visitors.

Vegas Dave Picks vs. Jon Price Picks

There is a progressive sports betting system for Major League Baseball Picks. We have photos of Jon Price winning two hundred and fifty thousand dollars sports betting. The awe of the clients is truly amazing when they read, see, and hear about legend Jon Price and his handicapping abilities for Football. Daves system is predicated on betting series and counting a whole series of profits as a win or loss. So if you bet the Pittsburgh Pirates versus the Los Angeles Dodgers you would wager $10,000 in game one and if you lose game one then you will wager at least $20,000 plus vigorish on game 2 and if that game loses as well then on game 3 you will wager at least $40,000 plus vig. If game 3 wins then the picks are considered 1-0 and a flawless record of 100%. This may confuse some that are monitoring predictions and service plays to adjust and receive a true record or units won for any given handicapper. Either way the Sports Information Traders team likes Hawaiin Dave and welcomes all instagram fans of ours to follow and try our winning betting picks.

Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco will feature the Carolina Panthers vs the Denver Broncos. As in the World Series in 2016 Jon Price placed a big futures wager on the Broncos and is now going in to hedge his bets. This wager was predicted both live on the radio and featured in September in the Huffington Post.


Vegas Dave Picks

If you are looking to build your bankroll and have been following the legend Jon Price, Mike Wise, and the Sports Information Traders team through the years then now is the right time to sign up. Basketball betting has never been hotter and the Major League Baseball season will be in full swing soon.