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Point Spread Explained

point spread explainedWhen it comes to sports betting, the point spread is usually the most common and popular bet among gamblers. The purpose the point spread serves is to level the playing field between two teams by means of a handicap from the oddsmakers who set the lines.

The point spread differs from the moneyline because the moneyline is simply picking who you think will win the game outright, while the point spread adds or deducts points from each team, depending if they’re the favorite or underdog, so you simple need to win the adjusted final score with the handicap taken into account with the score.

For example, if the Mavericks are -6 points vs the Lakers. That means the oddsmakers think that the Mavericks are better by 6 points. So if you take the Mavericks -6 point spread, that means in order for you to win your wager the Mavericks must win by 7 or more points. If they win by 6, then the game is a push and you get your money back.

Betting on the point spread is tougher to win considering that it levels the playing field, however the payout is also larger compared to that of the money line.