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Sports Betting Lines Explained

sports betting lines explainedSports betting lines are a fundamental part of sports gambling that every player should be familiar with. The most common straight bet is usually placed on the point spread, which is when one team is handicapped points to level the playing field between the two. For example, if the Bulls are -7 vs the Magic, that means the oddsmakers think that the Bulls are better by 7 points. So when a player bets the point spread of Bulls -7, then the Bulls must win the game by 8 or more points to overcome the -7 handicap, and win their wager.

Another form of a sports betting line is the moneyline. This is when a gambler places a bet simply on who will win the game outright. However, the payout is is determined differently for a moneyline bet as opposed to a bet on the point spread. If you bet on the favored team to win the money line, you’re going to win considerably less because you’re picking the team that should win, but if you take the underdog to win the moneyline, the payout increases substantially.

Determining whether to bet the moneyline or the point spread can be the different between winning and losing, and also makes a huge difference in the odds and consequently the payout of the player’s wager. Every play is different, and a player must decipher which line in any particular play has a larger value to not only win their wager, but maximize their profits.