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Over Under Betting

over under bettingBesides standard bets like point spread and moneyline wagers, over under betting, otherwise known as betting the “total” is also a great way to invest your money in a sports game. The total refers to the combined number of points scored between both teams for the game. However, you can also place bets on the total for individual quarters or halves of the game. To better illustrate this we’ll use the example of the Wizards playing the Lakers. The over/under, or total, is 203. This means the oddsmakers think that both teams will essentially combine to score 203 points, and you have to pick if you think the two teams will score more or less than that number. If the game goes into overtime, the total still remains the same, so overtime usually plays well into the hands of people who took the over considering they get the game extended by 5 minutes.

Many players like betting on the over under for various reasons. It’s refreshing to route for or against both teams, as opposed to cheering on one team to beat another, per usual in standard point spread or moneyline bets. And it also gives another aspect of the game to evaluate. While you may have no idea who you think will win or cover in a specific contents, you may feel that you have better information on the amount of scoring that’ll occur in that game. As a very strong 3rd option for your sports betting, the over under is always a strong option to consider when placing your wagers.