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Moneyline Odds Explained

moneyline odds explainedThe most popular bet in most sports is the point spread bet, which is a bet where a point handicap is applied to the favorite and underdog team accordingly and the payout is also adjust accordingly with the spread taken into account. Another form of bet which is slightly less popular is the moneyline bet. While it’s slightly less popular among the common betting public for at least most sports, the payout is considerably greater.

Baseball is one of the few sports where the moneyline is actually the more favored bet over the point spread wager. That’s because regardless of how lopsided the matchup may seem, it’s very common for a great team to only beat a bad team by a point, which would cost you your wager. For this reason, in baseball more than any other major American sport, the moneyline is the typical goto bet for most gamblers. The odds which determine the payout for the moneyline bet are determined by how lopsided the matchup is, or in other words, how much better the favored team is than the underdog team.

When the odds for a moneyline favorite are -140, that means that the bettor must wager $140 in order to win $100. Conversely, for underdog moneyline odds, if the payout odds are +140, then the bettor need only to bet $100 in order to win $140. With the right team of analysts and sports experts on your side, like our team here at Sports Information Traders, we can help teach you how to tilt the moneyline odds in your favor and maximize your profits on your daily sports wagers.