Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.

Wise Guy Sports Betting Explained

wise guy sports betting explainedThe “Wise Guys” in sports betting, or also known as the Sharps, are the professional ace pickers that have built up a reputation as being apart of the successful 5% of sports gamblers around the world to profit greatly and make their living from betting on sports. Many casinos and sprotsbooks turn away bets from industry sharps and wise guys because they’re aware of how consistent their picks are, and their excessive wagers really take a chunk out of the sportsbooks’ profits. Billy Walters is one of the most famous Wise Guys, he routinely has what are referred to as “Runners,” place his wagers for him throughout various casinos and sportsbooks.

Our team here at Sports Information Traders has three successful wise guys of our own with our founder, lead handicapper and NFL expert, Jon Price, who’s backed up by our NBA and college basketball sharp, Mike Wise, and our baseball guru and industry sharp, Dave Michaels. Jon Price and Mike Wise both particularly love to place hefty wagers still on high rated plays, and they have to use a similar method to that of Billy Walters in using a runner.

The only way to win at sports betting is to either be a Wise Guy or Industry sharp, or at least have one on your team, and this is your chance to join the best team of sharps in the world. Most services don’t have any bonafide sharps, let alone three. So get in now and see what our industry Wise Guys can do for you and your sports picks.