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Learn How To Bet & Be Profitable with College BCS Bowl Games

We are well into this year’s college football bowl season and there is a lot of betting action to be had.

With the lesser prestigious bowl games completed, the “bigger” BCS Bowls are ready to get underway.

And like every other bowl game, these five games are highly wagered on. But handicappers need to be aware that this games are unique, and recognizing this can help handicappers avoid costly mistakes.

So, here are some things to keep in mind when handicappers are thinking about betting the BCS bowl season.

First, the betting action on these games will be extremely high — in some cases 10 time higher than the smaller bowl games. So, with that, the betting lines will often take unexpected and strange twists right up until game day. Bettors need to pay attention as the books are likely responding to the increase in action. This could produce unsuspected value on a team, or take away value.

Next, not every team will get fired up to just make it to these prestigious games.

Handicappers need to weigh in the motivation factor here, as there could be some programs that may disappointed about the bowl they are playing in. This could result in a bitter attitude and halfhearted effort. And a half full wallet too if college football bettors put their money on a team that isn’t going to try their hardest.

Another thing to pay attention to is matchups that just plain don’t add up.

Team choices are limited for BCS games, so games can often be locked into a particular matchup because of the limitations, thus creating unequal pairing of teams from time to time.

After all, these should be the elite teams in the country playing, right? Wrong.

Each year there are conferences that just don’t produce a particularly strong team, and because they won’t necessarily create an exciting game or a strong matchup, the BCS committees will likely pair them with an at-large team, as these bowls are nationally broadcast and all eyes are on the games.

The adverse affect of this is, there is a good chance that the at-large team will be a much stronger team than the conference champion. So, football handicappers need not give teams too much credit just because they have qualified for the BCS.

Finally, handicappers looking to wager on BCS bowl games need to watch out for games they suspect make be staged for public entertainment. This is an obvious factor, but often overlooked by even the best handicappers.