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Expert Basketball Betting Picks

Handicapping the NBA and College Basketball is a very difficult thing to do on your own. Many gamblers have lost thousands of dollars trying to figure out the best strategy to predicting the best wagers during the lengthy basketball season. What we like to educate our clients here at Sports Information Traders about is that as a leading handicapper there are no constants. Things gradually change each and ever season. We had a second half basketball betting strategy that was profiting 16-25 units per week. For years we exploited the misnomers and mistakes created by the oddsmakers and made a substantial amount of money. Things where great but then a famous poker player living in Los Angeles exploited our same strategy to the general public when ESPN did an article on the World’s top gambler and from there our strategy for second half NBA betting was foiled.

Creating New Betting Strategies For Basketball

We are constantly creating new strategies. Testing them and refining them. The oddsmakers are always going to be looking at what we are doing and trying to stop us and our clients from building profits that hurt their business. We study, research, and do the proper diligence trading information on our strategies and the statistics that we refine with proprietary algorithms to squeeze out that extra edge over the bookmakers. Las Vegas, Nevada isn’t there to give you money and we know that we must earn it. Let us teach you how to handicap both College Basketball and Professional Basketball games.

Daily NBA & NCAA Service Plays

Our experts will customize a package that suits your betting needs. We work with the biggest bettors from around the world. Whether they are in Mexico, Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, or stateside here in the United States we ensure your success thanks to our knowledge and ability to pick winners and have never had a losing year betting on basketball. We have a formula for success. So lets tip off a season of profits with the sports information traders.

College basketball betting tips
Sports handicappers are fond of college basketball, probably because there are so many games to bet on. But for the novice handicapper this can be a very daunting undertaking.
That’s why we have assembled a list of important betting tips that college basketball handicappers should follow in order to make betting on college basketball more fun and profitable.
First and foremost, handicappers need to understand the college basketball schedule.
There are three different parts to the college season, which include non-conference, conference and postseason games. A team’s motivation can change drastically between these portions of the season and so can it’s wins and losses, as well as the strength of its opponents.
For example, often times teams will play much weaker opponents in the in the non-conference segment of their schedule in an attempt to build confidence and pad their reputation for a postseason berth. However, for handicappers these games can be much more difficult to predict because of the lack of history between the teams.
During the next part of the college basketball schedule, things get a little easier to prognosticate, as teams only play opponents from their specific conference — ones that they are more familiar with and have a history against.
Finally the final part of the college hoops season is the postseason, where teams give it their all with the best teams usually winning it all.
This weeks professional and college basketball betting picks we are looking to win 7 out of 10 games. Will you be joining us?