Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.

Is the Microsoft Cortana Better At Picking Football Winners Than You Are?

Microsoft Cortana is a computerized based algorithm created by the Microsoft Corporation of America based out of Seattle, Washington. The idea is that the Microsoft Windows phone virtual assistant uses the search engine Bings algorithm to predict winners in Football. These games are only moneyline predictions and does not predict football games against the spread.

During the regular football season in 2014-2015 Cortana won 2/3rds of it’s predictions. While 66% is an amazing record against the spread when it comes to predicting games straight up it pales in comparison to the records of Jon Price and the Sports Information Trader Analysts. Nate Silver who has the ELO model was also in the 60 percent range. The Cortana algorithm has successfully lost at least one game in each of the playoff rounds with a 75% moneyline record.

For the regular season Football their picks had the following record:

Week 1 — 10-6
Week 2 — 9-7
Week 3 – 10-6
Week 4 — 5-8
Week 5 — 13-2
Week 6 — 11-4
Week 7 — 11-4
Week 8 — 10-5
Week 9 — 9-4
Week 10 — 9-4
Week 11 — 8-6
Week 12 — 11-4
Week 13 — 10-6
Week 14 — 10-6
Week 15 — 13-3
Week 16 — 9-7
Week 17 — 12-4
Round One — 3-1
Total — 173 Wins 87 Losses
If you could make money from just betting straight up each week then we would say with a high level of confidence (statistical talk here) that Cortana would be a good tool to utilize in your weekly betting. However we know that you would not be maximizing your investment as you could with Sports Information Traders predictions against the spread which results in a larger payout.