Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.

Sports Handicapping Service

sports handicapping serviceRoutinely Ranked in the Top 5 Overall for Winning % of online services, Sports Information Traders is the best sports investment firm in the country. The first of its kind to implement an analytical and systematic approach to sports handicapping, the results have quickly shot Sports Information Traders up through the ranks over the last 5 years and into the limelight of the sports handicapping industry.
Sports wagering is a very emotional, impulse driven investment. 99% of players don’t prepare for games each day, or do any variable analysis whatsoever. They’ll look at the board in the morning, take 5-10 minutes and place their wagers. That’s a purely impulsive bet, and a hallmark of degenerate gamblers.

Winning Formula…

What Sports Information Traders does is try to eliminate the human element from picking. Founder Jon Price, and executive director, Mike Wise, both with backgrounds in the Stock Market before entering the sports world, credit the same system that made them money on Wall Street as the reason for their enormous success over recent years in sports wagering.
Sports Information Traders’ proprietary system derives a number value out of 100 for each play based on the probability of a particular outcome for that play. Any games with less than a 70 rating are immediately deemed too low of of value, while anything over a 90 score is a MUST play. Once a number value is placed on each game, that rating can still shift depending on the movement of the line. Loss in the line directly results in lost value, therefore a lower rating. However, as long as the game does not drop below the necessary threshold, we will simply advise clients to lower their wagers, as opposed to omitting the play altogether. It’s this very system that has made our clients literally MILLIONS over our relatively short history as a sports service.