Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.

NFL Picks 2015 – Expert Picks Against the Spread

nfl picksNFL is still king of the sports wagering world every year, and with that popularity also comes the most attention and scrutiny from the Vegas bookmakers. With an estimated 15 times more people betting on NFL than both MLB and NBA combined, Vegas dedicates more resources to producing accurate and precise lines for the NFL than any other sport. We liked their approach of loading up on the NFL so much, that we employ the same strategy.

Our NFL department is made up of over 100 in-the-field analysts dedicated to scouting and preparing individual team reports each week, in addition to our in-house teams based in New York. Not only do we employ more scouts than any other online handicapping service, but we also retain exclusive contracts with 4 of the Nation’s top NFL information sources to ensure that nobody has the edge like Sports Information Traders.

Our NFL Picks department has earned its claim as the most consistent of all of our sports departments… Hitting at an industry best 65% this season, and 66% last year, we come to play each NFL season with the best information available.

While many services are more concerned with profits and quotas, we offer ONLY the best valued NFL Picks each and every week. There’s no filler games or playing catchup by trying to double up on a late game after an early loss. That’s the formula for losers. We provide only the plays with the highest distinct probability for success every NFL week from season to season. Over the last two NFL seasons alone, our clients have made in excess of $2 Million dollars just off our NFL picks!

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