Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.

NFL Picks Against the Spread Week 16

Each week of the season we have delivered our top NFL Picks Against the spread. We have compared our picks and predictions against the experts. Here is how we stack up compared to all of the experts. The best handicappers such as the ones listed below that we have tracked and compared their winning percentage to other touts and cappers and here is what we have found:

Jon Price of Sports Information Traders 71%
Josh Katzowitz of Forbes 67%
Dave Richard CBS Sports Picks 65%
FiveThirtyEight blog 65%
Sports Illustrateds Don Banks 64%
Mike Garfolo of Fox Sports 64%
Lindsay H. Jones of USA Today 63%
Chirs Mortensen of ESPN Picks 63%

So you can make money depending on how much you are wagering on each game if you are betting against the spread. The best prognosticators in the world can not beat legend Jon Price as he continues to dominate the sportsbooks and helps his clients to make thousands of dollars each and every football season.

This Weeks NFL Picks Against the Spread

Follow our latest NFL Picks against the spread such as this weeks picks:

1:00 Indianapolis Colts -2 vs Houston Texans

4:05 Oakland Raiders + 4 vs Green Bay Packers

4:25 San Francisco 49ers + 6 vs Cincinnati Bengals

nfl picks against the spread11/5/2015 — This NFL season has been a record one for Jon Price and his betting clients. With over $250,000 earned for those who bet 10 dimes a game it has been a great start. In October alone Sports Information Traders highest percentage plays went 76% an all time best for this decade.
This week we have the top NFL Picks against the spread for week 16.

Year after year, the NFL continually crushes the other American sports in the amount wagered on it during a season, even with far fewer games being played compared to Baseball and Basketball. During the Winter months, there’s nothing hotter and more popular among clients than NFL Picks Against the Spread. ESPN Picks that come straight up don’t make people money. Sal Iacono gives people lost hope as does Microsofts Cortana. Most of the NFL’s popularity amongst fans can be attributed to the sports entertainment factor, as it’s seemingly one of the more action-packed and complex sports in comparison to slower paced sports like Baseball. But what makes NFL also the most popular sport among handicapping services is the time to prepare between games.

Fox Sports Picks Against The Spread vs. ABC Sports Picks vs. NBC Predictions & ESPN NFL Picks Against the Spread

All of the major sports broadcasters advertise their picks and predictions straight up. Most of them do not offer picks against the spread and when you place a wager if you want to maximize your profits you need to wager with the point spread not on the moneyline.
For the other 3 major American sports: NHL, MLB, NBA, and their college counterparts, games take place every night which means a lot more intangibles and unseen factors such as fatigue or injuries which can have adverse affects on the outcome of games. With games being played everyday, there’s very little time to process that kind of information in order to make an informed wager. This of course leads to bad bets and big losses.
NFL picks against the spread, on the other hand are a handicapper’s dream. We’re like Bill Belichick, give us a week to prepare for a game and we’re going to find a way to win. And nobody has won in the NFL at the pace we have over recent years. The last two years we’ve averaged winners at 65% and 66%, respectively. Routinely ranked among the industry’s elite, our team which is lead by Jon Price, has been ranked in the Top 3 for Online Services since 2011. Sports Information Traders continues to set the standard in picking NFL picks against the spread, try us out today by signing up on our Sign Up page!