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2016 MLB Picks

With a week off in between the start of the 2015 NBA Finals we have some extra time to discuss and wager on the “Exact Series outcome” for the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Golden State Warriors match up. The odds below showcase the current pay outs for both the Warriors winning in games 4-7 as […]

Basketball Betting Advice Our NBA and college basketball department has been headed by our own basketball guru and industry Wise guy, Mike Wise for the last eight years. Since his first year in charge, Mike has taken our team to whole new heights with his award winning and documented weekly basketball picks, each and every […]

Yahoo NBA and College Basketball Odds and predictions Yahoo Sports is a great resource for all of the common betting public, whether you’re a seasoned professional making a living off your picks, or if you’re just a weekend warrior looking to make some extra money on the side. With live updates on everything from scores […] Picks Stop going to news and scores websites looking for winning picks. So many clients among today’s common betting public prefer to try to make their own NBA and Basketball picks by using subpar resources like or That’s the easiest way to lose your bankroll as fast as possible when betting in […]

One of the most over-looked betting options in sports is the halftime bet. This option allows sports handicappers to wager on a team or game after watching half the game. And while what happens in the first half of a game isn’t always a sure-fire indicator of how the game will end, it does give […]

College Basketball Picks Straight Up Routinely one of the hardest sports in the country to handicap is College Basketball Picks straight up and against the spread. Actually both college alternatives for basketball and football are far tougher to handicap than that of their professional counterparts. That’s because of the massive size and number of teams […]

2016 Daily NBA Picks Straight Up After making thousands of dollars by the end of 2015, the 2016 NBA Basketball season is a very profitable opportunity for sports bettors and investors who join the legend Jon Price of sports information traders. Known as the Vegas Dave of Beverly Hills but all the more successful. Making […]

Handicapping NCAA Tournament teams who performed poor but won A win is a win, but an ugly win can be a tell-tell sign of things to come. Especially during the annual NCAA Tournament.   For sports handicappers, these ugly wins can create a real headache when determining whether a teams coming off an ugly win can […]

NCAA Basketball Expert Picks Sports Information Traders features one of the biggest All Star lineup of basketball Sharps in the country. Our NCAA Basketball expert picks ranked towards the top of online documented services each and every year for the last 6 years. Our own basketball guru, Mike Wise leads both our professional and college […]

NBA Spreads From NBA spreads, odds and scores to injury updates and trap games, Sports Information Trader has all of your basketball betting information this NBA season. Our NBA department, lead by basketball guru and industry Sharp bettor, Mike Wise, we’ve hit at around 64% annual winners each and every year for the past 6 […]

College Basketball Picks and Parlays Sports Information Traders is the only place you should be going for your College Basketball Picks and Parlays this basketball season. With our basketball department headed by our own basketball industry Sharp, Mike Wise, who’s single handedly taken our service to the top of the only basketball handicapping standings. Guaranteed […]

NBA Picks for Tonight Sports Information Traders has the scoop on the NBA picks for tonight and every night from the best documented sports service in the country. Our team is lead by renowned handicapper and industry Sharp, Jon Price who has assembled one of the strongest teams of analysts along with two other industry […]

How to handicap NCAA Tournament Cinderella Teams   As much as part of the NCAA Tournament as dynasty teams are, March Madness is all about the Cinderella teams. The teams that defy all the odds, pulling off the biggest upsets and dethroning college royalty along the way.   While for basketball fans this adds to […]

How to spot an NCAA Tournament winner   There are 68 teams that will be competing in the NCAA Tournament. With so many different styles of play, strengths, weaknesses and regular season records, how does a college basketball bettor separate the good from the better and the best?   There are many ways, but virtually […]

ABC Basketball Picks Sports Information Traders and our team lead by our three industry Sharps, Jon Price, Mike Wise, and Dave Michaels have all the best ABC Basketball Picks from both the pro and college games all season. Stop listening to the wanna be handicappers on TV sports shows, and the degenerate losers on the […]

Conference basketball tournaments and March Madness   Before March Madness begins, the end of the regular college basketball season will culminate with a number of conference tournaments, which the NCAA uses to award 31 automatic bids to the NCAA tournament. The only exception being the Ivy League, which does not hold a conference tournament.   […]

Betting NCAA Tournament play in games   Over the years, the NCAA Tournament has gone through many changes, but one of the ones most significant to college football handicappers is probably the expansion from 64 to 68 teams.   With that comes a set of play-in games, a couple of days before the main tournament […]

2015 NBA Odds The latest futures are out for the 2015 season. As of right now Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are favored to win the NBA Finals at 5/2 odds in Las Vegas Rounding out the next five best teams predicted to win the NBA championship this year are the San Antonio Spurs […]

Sharpest Angle in College Basketball To Start Betting We are world renowned for being the best sports handicapping service in the world. We give handicappers and the industry a good name because we are the epitome of what a sports investment service should be. We bring you today some information and advice as to the […]

Five NCAA Tournament pitfalls for bettors to avoid It’s never too early in the season to start looking forward to the annual NCAA Tournament, which is the best time of the year for college basketball bettors. However, if handicappers aren’t careful, it can be a very expensive time of year as well.   The reason, is […]

NCAAB Picks Year to year, College Basketball is among the hardest sports to handicap for amateur bettors, along with College football. The problem with NCAAB picks, and the NCAA in general is the excessive number of teams and information to track. There’s over 300 teams in Mens’ Division I Basketball in the country. Some are […]

Basketball Betting Picks With both College and Professional Basketball being such a big ticket draw in the world of sports investing, it helps that there’s literally hundreds of games played each week on the basketball court to choose from. One of the core principals in sports wagering is that the more games on the board, […]

FREE NBA Picks Sign up today with Sports Information Traders and receive our FREE NBA Promo Play of the Day. This is your chance to sample the goods with no upfront obligation, and see what our information can do for you. Our NBA department, lead by Mike Wise and his team, have been averaging 62% […]

NCAA Basketball Picks College sports in general are some of the hardest sports to handicap for most amateur players. Instead of the 30 or so number of teams in each professional league, College has well over 300 teams in Division I, alone. With that many teams spread out amongst the country, and often playing on […]

Expert Basketball Betting Picks Mr. Price is the lead sports picker and handicapper for Sports Information Traders. A service that provides reputable sports betting advice on all of the major betting sports from around the world. Handicapping the NBA and College Basketball is a very difficult thing to do on your own. Many gamblers have […]