Mr. Price has been given the “Billy Walters treatment” by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions.
07Feb 2015

CBS NFL Picks and Predictions If you want to beat the bookmakers do you go with expert advice or do you try to pick games on your own? Typically you go with the experts advice because they have the experience needed to beat the bookmakers each and every week of the football season. Whether it’s […]

10Feb 2015

Fox Sports Picks Fox Sports Picks for NFL, MLB, NBA, College Baseketball, and NCAA Football Picks The Fox sports team has a betting record against the spread of 41.4%. While that is no where near Sports Information Traders’ 2014-’15 record of 65%, the Fox sports newscasters are still out there on national television trying to […]

13Feb 2015

ABC Football Picks Are you one of those people who takes their picks from the talking heads on television? Stop listening to the pretenders like ABC Football Picks, and join a professional, reputable service. The talking heads on TV don’t even make the picks they give out on the air, the producers tell them who […]

18Feb 2015

While we wait for the end of August to come back we are always searching for new and interesting things to research in the off season. Today we are looking at the numbers in the NFL. Not the statistics but rather the payday numbers. In 2014 Roger Goodell’s compensation came out to $26 million dollars […]

21Feb 2015

ESPN NFL Picks If you haven’t learned by now, TV sports shows are the absolute last place you should be going for your daily sports picks and information. ESPN NFL Picks won only 42% of their picks last season, compared to our 64% annual winning percentage. Stop listening to the talking heads on TV for […]

13Mar 2015

Over the last decade, NFL football has slowly evolved into a pass-happy, high-powered offense driven league as the people in charge continue to buy into the philosophy that high scoring games put fans in the seats. With all the rule changes over recent years, and making some fouls more of a point of emphasis, like […]